Doctor General ophthalmological examination (EUR) Follow-up ophthalmological examination (EUR)
Dr Bojan Kozomara 50.00 25.00
Dr Ana Aničić 35.00 18.00
Dr Vladimir Račić 35.00 18.00
Dr Tamara Bojanić-Barić 35.00 18.00

Other outpatient procedures

Service Price (EUR)
Examination for laser vision correction 53.00
Examination for cataract surgery 50.00
Follow-up measurement of eye pressure 18.00
Therapeutic lens replacement 15.00
Schirmer test (tear level measurement test) 5.00
Eye swab 15.00

Diagnostic procedures

Service Price (EUR)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 25.00
Fundus Photography (both eyes) 25.00
IOL Master Biometry 15.00
Corneal Topography 15.00
Pentacam Analysis 25.00
Ultrasound of the Eye, Orbit, and Biometry 15.00
Visual Field (various tests) 20.00
Specular Microscopy 10.00
Skiascopy 15.00
Orthoptic Vision Status 15.00

Therapeutic procedures

Service Price (EUR)
Application of subconjunctival dexamethasone injection 15.00
Application of Kenalog ampoule 40.00
Probing of lacrimal ducts 25.00
Laser photocoagulation (LFC) 100.00
YAG laser 100.00
Application of punctal plug 50.00
Application of anti-VEGF (Avastin) 200.00
Application of anti-VEGF (Avastin+Kenalog parabulbar) 250.00
Application of anti-VEGF (Eylea) 425.00
Application of Ozurdex 1000.00
Anesthesia examination 30.00
Anesthesia control 15.00


Service Price (EUR)
Implantation of monofocal spherical lens (per eye) 450.00
Implantation of monofocal aspherical lens (per eye) 750.00
Implantation of monofocal aspherical lens with UV protection (per eye) 1000.00
Implantation of monofocal toric lens (per eye) 1100.00
Implantation of monofocal lens with extended focus Eyhance (per eye) 1250.00
Implantation of monofocal lens with extended focus Vivity (per eye) 1500.00
Implantation of multifocal lens Synergy (per eye) 1650.00
Implantation of multifocal lens Panoptix (per eye) 1750.00
Implantation of multifocal toric lens Synergy (per eye) 1800.00
Implantation of multifocal toric lens Panoptix (per eye) 2000.00


Service Price (EUR)
Trabeculectomy (per eye) 750.00
Implantation of Ex-Press glaucoma shunt (per eye) 1250.00
Cataract surgery + Implantation of Ex-Press glaucoma shunt (per eye) 1750.00


Service Price (EUR)
Ptoza - drooping eyelid (per eye) 500.00
Blepharoplasty upper eyelids (both eyes) (classic method) 500.00
Blepharoplasty lower eyelids (both eyes) (classic method) 600.00
Laser blepharoplasty of upper eyelids (both eyes) 750.00
Laser blepharoplasty of lower eyelids (both eyes) 1000.00
Laser resurfacing - rejuvenation of eyelid skin (both eyes) 250.00
Xanthelasma (per eye) 200.00
Entropion surgery (per eye) 400.00
Ectropion surgery (per eye) 400.00

Laser removal of diopters

Service Price (EUR)
PRK (per eye) 400.00
T-PRK (per eye) 450.00
LASIK (per eye) 500.00
LASIK VIP (per eye) 600.00

Phakic intraocular lenses

Service Price (EUR)
VERISYSE (per eye) 1250.00
VERIFLEX (per eye) 1500.00
ICL (per eye) 1750.00


Service Price (EUR)
Vitrectomy (per eye) 1750.00
Vitrectomy + cataract surgery (per eye) 2250.00
Vitrectomy - removal of silicone oil (per eye) 750.00
Second vitrectomy surgery (per eye) 1000.00

Special surgical procedures

Service Price (EUR)
Crosslinking 750.00
Iridoplasty 250.00
Pterygium surgery (per eye) 400.00
Pterygium surgery with amniotic membrane (per eye) 500.00
Pterygium surgery with autograft 600.00

Small operations

Service Price (EUR)
Stye surgery without dexamethasone 75.00
Stye surgery with dexamethasone 100.00


Service Price (EUR)
Fillers (1ml) 100.00-300.00
Botox (one region) 125.00
Profhilo treatment 325.00
PRP treatment 325.00