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Find the perfect frames that will fit your face perfectly


Our offer includes high-quality lenses for exceptional clarity of vision, maximum scratch resistance, and comfort during wear.

Contact lenses

Discover comfort and clarity with our contact lenses. Find a wide selection of lenses tailored to your needs.


interpretation of the ophthalmic prescription

Comprehensive interpretation of ophthalmic prescriptions:

Our goal is to assist you in selecting the right lenses by providing detailed consultation and analysis, ensuring you get the best solution for your needs and lifestyle.

determination of diopters

Prescription determination:

Our experienced optometrists accurately determine your prescription, ensuring precise and reliable results for optimal vision correction.

frame adjustment

Frame selection and customization

Assistance in choosing eyeglass frames that best suit the shape of the face, style, and personal preferences of the client.
Adjustment of frames for optimal comfort and functionality.

eyeglass frames

Lens recommendation and installation:

Recommendations for appropriate prescription lenses.
Installation of prescription lenses, including tinted lenses, into sunglasses frames.

contact lenses optics kozomara

Contact lenses:

Consultation and assistance with choosing contact lenses.
Training for proper insertion, removal, and maintenance.

express delivery

Fast delivery:

Your desired product arrives directly at your address in record time.

production of glasses

24-hour glasses production:

Fast and efficient service that allows you to receive personalized glasses matching your prescription and style in record time.

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